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Sales Simplified For you

Everything you need to sell in one intuitive and smart tool that simplify your sales process making it fun and scalable like never before.

Engage Prospects 

Capture visitor’s attention with conversational leadbot, two-way email and calendar sync with open & click tracking. 
Replace my boring forms

One place for leads & deals

Convert leads into junk and deals with just a click! Maintain notes, logs. Built on solid sales activity-driven approach, Which never misses a follow-up.
Start closing more deals

Optimize every sales interaction

Implement an AI-based data-driven sales strategy. Keep and eye on your team’s success with goals, forecasting. 
Show my bottlenecks

Automate and scale faster 

Get more done in less time Get one week back in every month with our Sales Platform that makes sales a breeze.
Put repetitive tasks on autopilot
Next-gen modern platfrom

Take your sales to the next level with industry-leading, intuitive tools

Platfrom to help you succeed in today’s market. Five years ago, certain tactics worked, but they don’t anymore.

Skyrocket conversions, Build pipeline in minutes

Stop wasting time on mundane and repetitive sales activities and spend more time doing the actual work - talking to clients, closing more deals, and winning your sales goals!

Gets more replies and meetings booked

Whether your sales team is in office, hybrid, or completely remote, they will love Sales Simplify web and mobile app, which lets you manage entire sales pipeline on the go!

Automate your workflow with tools you use everyday

Bring your favorite tools along. Integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 and other apps you love. Sales Simplify gels well with the tools you already use and love! 

300+ features

Built for high-performance teams

Take your sales to the next level with industry-leading, intuitive tools

Extremely Simple

Get up and running in just a few minutes. Drag And drop fun. Add deals quickly. Powerful filters. Avoid data entry errors.

Activity Driven

Schedule follow-ups, tasks, calls, emails and sync with your calendar easily. Track all tasks and activities in one place.

Drag & Drop Pipeline

Easily drag and drop deals from one stage to another. Avoid the long process and Increase your deal velocity.

Lead Nurturing

Don’t waste time on unqualified leads, bifurcate your active leads. Move to Junk or Deal with one click.

Powerful Analytics

Filter, group, and oversee results, revealing winning patterns and bottlenecks to overcome and improve processes.

Goals and Forecasting

Know how many activities your team is performing and how much business they will close during a given timeframe.

Track Open and Click

With two-way sync send and receive emails directly with customers, and track open, and click emails for better communication.

Mobile App

Know everything at your fingertips. Access your sales data on the go from any device. Enjoy remote-first team collaboration
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