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We know that many businesses fail within the first few years because they were never able to figure out sales. We want to change that!



With a CRM and Excel, you have all your data right in front of you. But what good is having the data without the means to use it? Some big solutions are available in the market but the SMBs just can't seem to find the right one for their sales.

We started when Covid-19 hit the world and made it stand still. Small businesses were left with few options- either figure out a new digital way to keep running the business, or close it down. Implementing big platforms was not easy and affordable for SMB’s. When software is designed for the needs of big clients, other businesses find it hard to use, set up and afford.

We're a team of sales experts with 10+ years of experience in sales, so we know what it is like to be frustrated with the search for a good solution. And once you've found it, you realize it's much more challenging to implement than you thought. To outcome these challenges, Sales Simplify was born as an idea to build a Sales Ecosystem for SMB’s.

With Sales Simplify, you can get the tools you need to succeed in business without breaking the bank. With the help of our new system, managing your sales remotely is easier than ever. It doesn't matter where you are, because we'll keep track of all of your leads and contacts while you're on your way to closing deals.

Prem Prem

Revolutionizing the sales processes and lives of sales folks

"We want to change the way sales is done with a revolutionary platform that makes sales fun."

Prem Saini, Founder & CEO

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We are a team of 30+ members and We strive hard to deliver an awesome experience for you. 

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    Lisa Ellis
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    Eric Moyer
    Customer Support
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