Top 13 Sales Pipeline Management Tools to Power Up Your Sales Process

The top sales pipeline management tools include, Sales Simplify, EngageBay, HubSpot, Lusha, Pipedrive ActiveCampaign, Keap, Zapier, SharpSpring, and Streak.

Selling is not easy. Period! It can be made easy with external help.

Do you recall how you first began selling? You must have been optimistic and excited to bring more sales to your company. But as time passes, one faces a reality check and realizes how difficult it is to sell and close customers. It often feels outright impossible.  

Well, you are not alone in the struggle. Millions of salespeople feel the same and struggle just as you do. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The answer comes in the face of sales pipeline tools and software. 

With sales pipeline management tools, one can seamlessly track their progress and dwell on top of the leads.

Like several other sales reps, your sales crew members spend significant energy and time on effectively managing the sales pipeline. Managing the sales pipeline without the right software and tools can be challenging. 

Therefore, having the proper sales pipeline management tools can help your business flourish and bring you more sales. 

Having said that, I have gathered various free and premium sales pipeline tools for your reference here whether you are looking for something simple or complex. Check out the list and spot the one that best aligns with your business and sales patterns. 

Before we know the various sales pipeline management tools available, let us understand what sales pipeline software is. 

What is sales pipeline software?

Sales pipeline software is a tool you can use to shift, track, and analyze potential clients moving through the sales pipeline. It helps your sales crew track their customers and prospective leads. 

Sales pipeline management stools offer other essential features like tracking, reporting, and improving sales performance. For instance, you can use a tool for sales automation, like scheduling appointments and forwarding follow-up emails. 

There are several such software that can help you to build a better sales pipeline and conduct business better. Explore the options below and choose the one that fits your business best. 

Best sales pipeline management tools

Sales pipeline management software is crucial to streamline your sales process. That being said, let’s start with one of the best tools in this list, Sales Simplify.

Sales Simplify

Sales Simplify is an advanced salesOS that helps ease the sales process for you. It is a customizable and easy-to-use platform with a wide range of features. 

Sales Simplify simplifies managing customers and maintaining fruitful relationships with customers. It lets you find adequate leads, segregate them, view them move in the sales pipeline, and close deals quicker than ever. 

Sales Simplify, a leading sales pipeline management tool.

Businesses require a simple and effective means to generate more revenue. Maintaining healthy and productive relations with customers is essential for every company. 

With its excellent interface, it has made it easy for its clients to keep track of sales. Here are some of its many benefits:

  • Easy to use - Sales Simplify is easy to use and is up and running in seconds. Multiple elements of the platform come with drag-and-drop functionality. There are effective filters and easy modes to add leads to the system. 
  • All tasks under one roof - With Sales Simplify, you have all your activities and tasks in one place. You can schedule calls, follow-ups, tasks, or emails and easily sync them with your work calendar. 
  • Drag and drop feature - The drag and drop feature to easily move a deal from one stage to another. 
  • Lead nurturing - Enables you to shift leads from active to junk box with merely a single click. 
  • Organized and unified - A 360-degree view of all the activities. It enables you to overview every task that has been done or requires attention. 
  • Robust analytics - Judge the winning patterns with features like filtering, grouping, and overseeing results. 
  • Sales targets and goals - Keep track of your team activities and how many deals they close in a timeframe.  
  • Forecast sales - Predict how many deals a salesperson can bring in a specific timeframe. 
  • Mobile application -  Track your sales process at the ease of your fingertips. 
Sales pipeline in Sales Simplify to easily manage your deals.

Sales Simplify offers you a forever-free plan, where you can use the platform to get accustomed to its features and offerings. Book a free demo with Sales Simplify today to ease your sales process.


EngageBay is a universal all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer service CRM software. Businesses can use this software to acquire, nurture, engage, and convert prospective leads into paying clients. 

It offers various tools for seamless sales pipeline functioning. Businesses using EngageBay for sales administration have witnessed 5x more growth and generated more leads than earlier.

EngageBay, one of the top sales pipeline management software.

EngageBay is one of those sales pipeline tools that are ideal for small businesses and startups. It can help them streamline and simplify their sales processes. What makes this software popular is its ability to help you engage with your customers at every step. 

It uses suitable presentations, emails, and proposals at the right time. The free version of EngageBay can hold up to five hundred contacts in the database, set up autoresponders, send email campaigns, and create landing pages.  

Using EngageBay, a sales crew can swiftly identify the types and number of leads that show interest in your brand. It is done using features like Location Tracker, identifying target accounts, and user interaction tracking.


If you seek one of those sales pipeline management tools that notify you which activity yields the most revenue, then HubSpot is your pick. Some of the sales pipeline features of HubSpot include the following: 

  • Contact record automation
  • Daily outreach list generation
  • Project management
  • Revenue attribution
Sales pipeline management capability of HubSpot.

The characteristics are customizable with every step of the sales pipeline. Using the HubSpot sales dashboard, one can receive sales quota updates, insights into the team and individual performances, and sales activity patterns. 

Furthermore, you can access the information on what generates the maximum revenue so that your sales crew can seal the deals with prospective clients at the right time. That is not all. With HubSpot, you can bid goodbye to manual data entry. Every new deal is added directly from the company and contact records. 

The starter packages of HubSpot are pocket-friendly, and the software is easily navigable. 

There are some cons of using HubSpot as well. Contact merging is a challenging and time-consuming task with HubSpot. You cannot customize the quotes on HubSpot, and their advanced plan is harsh on the pocket. Also, remember that there is no opting out of their annual payment.  


Freshsales is part of Freshworks’s software suite that allows you to use AI-based insights to handle various stages of the sales pipeline and set conditions to trigger automated responses or follow-ups.

Freshsales, sales pipeline management software.

With its Sales Pipeline Management 2.0, Freshsales enables you to see your complete sales operations and allot small, practical activities to your sales team. The AI algorithm can help you in forecasting the possibilities of converting a deal and how much revenue it will generate.

Freshsales offers a free package that can be used by up to three users. But if you want to upgrade to the premium version, Freshsales has three pricing packages available to meet your needs as you scale your business.


Lusha is another sales pipeline software that offers lead enrichment, sales intelligence, and lead generation tools for the sales crew. Its Google Chrome Email Finder extension is a flagship product, enabling users to find contact details and company data while prospecting on LinkedIn. 

Lusha, a sales pipeline management tool.

On top of that, Lusha also offers support for platforms like Twitter and Facebook. All one requires is a few clicks, and the user can quickly generate quality leads, including customer profiles, and contact details.  

Suppose you are a business owner who requires enriching thousands of clients. In that case, Lusha brings you an API that enables you to integrate itself with your existing CMS, improve your database, and clean it simultaneously. 

You can update the company and customer profiles with their recent phone numbers or emails to easily run outreach campaigns. Plus, you would also receive data like employee headcount, location, and annual revenue. Overall, Lusha is one of those sales pipeline management tools that can provide up to thirty-seven data points per search. 

Its free version brings you five free monthly credits/user. This includes business phone numbers, email addresses, and company firmographics. You can use the LinkedIn email locator on social media platforms and websites to find information.


Pipedrive is amongst the most popular sales pipeline tools. Pipedrive brings you features like the following:  

  • A visual representation of the location of your leads.
  • Live revenue forecasting.
  • Streamlining the sales data as per requirement.
  • Customizing the several stages of the sales cycle.
Sales pipeline management functionality of Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is also renowned for its features of spotting the leads as inactive. With such segmentation, your sales crew can concentrate on sales strategies that can land paying customers. 

Some advantages of Pipedrive include a highly responsive support system and an easy-to-use dashboard. On the other hand, it also has disadvantages like limited customizable features. Also, while using Pipedrive, you can encounter frequent interruptions and glitches.

Want to Handle your Sales Pipeline and Convert Prospects Like a Pro?

Get started with Sales Simplify for free and boost your revenue like never before


Insightly is a sales and marketing platform offering tons of features ranging from sales pipeline management to delivering excellent customer experience using the correct sales engagement activities.

Insightly, a sales pipeline management tool.

The aspect that makes Insightly stand out from other pipeline management tools is that it is highly customizable. You can create tailored dashboards to see what you want is important and keep the less important stuff in the background.

Plus, Insightly lets you collect useful information regarding every prospect that you can use to identify high-value leads and assign them to your sales staff on a priority basis. 

Insightly offers different pricing plans based on the number of prospects you have and the type of service you want to subscribe to. It also provides a free CRM plan, where two users can use Insightly CRM for life.


Are you searching for a sales pipeline tool that helps convert open leads into paying clients? Well, you must check ActiveCampaign for such requirements. 

ActiveCampaign helps create several pipelines based on details like your client's preferences, location, and sales stages. This feature makes it easier for you to understand your target audience.

ActiveCampaign, one of the best sales pipeline management tools.

This sales pipeline software helps you forecast revenue, monitor prospective leads, and understand how to enhance your sales strategy. ActiveCampaign is also integrated with third-party applications, including Shopify, Facebook, Microsoft, and Square. 

Speaking of some of its drawbacks, ActiveCampaign features a slow interface. It is also challenging to navigate from one customer dashboard to another. 


You can effortlessly track your customers at all the various stages of a sales funnel using the sales pipeline tools of Keap. Keap features a unified dashboard that shows a detailed summary of the prospective leads in the sales pipeline alongside the qualified customers that your sales team has successfully converted.

Sales pipeline management features of Keap.

On top of that, you can also gain insights into your sales team's activities using the pipeline analytics feature of Keap. 

What's more? You can get real-time information on parameters like revenue forecasting, average deal duration, and deal conversions at all stages. In addition, it allows you to take action and allocate tasks, allowing you to effortlessly manage your remote sales team as well as your on-site one. 

An advantage of using Keap is that you can customize the CRM tool per your business requirements. Alongside benefits, there are also some disadvantages like:

  • The landing page developer takes time to load.
  • There are limited marketing templates available.


The next entry in the list of the most effective sales pipeline tools is Zapier. It is a cloud-based sales automation software. Using Zapier, you can automate mundane tasks like shifting data from one application to another or triggering an action based on specific events. 

For example, you can develop a "Zap" that automatically forms a new connection in the CRM whenever someone fills in the lead capturing form and sends a welcome mail.

Zapier, an excellent sales pipeline management tool.

Zapier is famous for the integrations it provides. It supports over 5000 applications, including Gmail, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Zoom, BambooHR, Trello, and Calendly. It also has a feature to let you create a custom integration on the platform for the programs it doesn't support. 

Zapier is an incredible sales pipeline management tool. It brings along a library of pre-built Zaps for its users. They are all customizable, and you can install them with just a few clicks. No configuration or coding is required. Whether you wish to automate complex workflows or simple tasks, Zapier is an excellent tool to opt for.  

With Zapier's free version, you can easily automate up to one hundred monthly tasks. You can also create five one-step workflows or zaps. There is also the provision to transfer bulk data. 


Nutshell is a versatile sales pipeline management tool designed to help you streamline your sales process and improve your overall sales performance. It offers a range of features to allow you to manage leads, track opportunities, and close sales effectively.

Nutshell, a sales pipeline management platform.

In addition to that, Nutshell offers contact management capabilities, enabling you to store and organize your prospects’ contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. 

It also provides a visual representation of the sales pipeline to let you see the status of the deals at a glance. You can move the deals through the various stages of the sales funnel using this pipeline for better tracking.

Nutshell offers a 14-day trial period for you to get familiar with the platform. After that, you can choose from one of the four available plans ranging from $16 to $67 per month per user.


SharpSpring does not offer separate sales pipeline management, but one can avail of it with its CRM software and a wide range of marketing automation tools. It provides:

  • Dynamic customization.
  • In-built landing page templates.
  • Blog building.
  • Report generation of live marketing. 
SharpSpring, sales pipeline management software.

What's more? SharpSpring brings you personal reports for every lead. This enables the sales teams to send customized messages to the desired customers. In addition, it also saves you time by offering you a list of active leads in your inbox. With SharpSpring, you can bid goodbye to manual entry tasks. 

One of the disadvantages of SharpSpring is that it offers limited tools for content management.


The final sales pipeline tool on this list is Streak. Streak is a CRM developed to be used with Gmail. With Streak, you can manage your leads at varying sales pipeline steps without leaving your inbox. Isn't that easy?

Streak, a sales pipeline management tool that lets you manage your pipeline using Gmail.

The software provides a wide range of tools that allow you to close more deals, track deals, manage clients, create sales pipeline stages, and monitor the pipeline stages. The users of Streakcan also add files and notes to every contact record such that no essential detail ever gets lost.

Along with the enablement of integrating with Gmail workflow, Streak also offers additional advantages. Various features allow improvement of the performance of your sales team. 

Some of such features include in-built task management and email templates. There's even a feature of data visualization that aids in identifying the latest trends and zooming in on the leads you require to pay attention to. 

The free version of Streak allows one to track up to five hundred sales leads across the sales pipeline. It lets you use the Gmail merge to send up to fifty emails daily. You can also complete basic CRM operations, create templates, and track emails. 

Manage and streamline your sales pipeline with these tools 

Every business desires to grow and generate more revenue. But prospective leads often get lost in the sales pipeline, and one might lose a great business opportunity. 

With these sales pipeline management tools by your side, you can ease your sales process and generate more revenue each year. They help keep things organized in your sales process and let you manage tasks and activities better, so no lead is ever lost due to a missed follow-up or a delayed response. 

You can also automate multiple mundane sales tasks by building sales cadences and save your team ample time to concentrate on the actual challenging sales activities. 

If you are tired of not having a good number of conversions, you should try to switch to one of these sales pipeline tools. Sales Simplify is one of the best tools among the ones mentioned above. 

It brings you excellent functionalities and allows effective management of your sales pipeline to fetch impressive results. Try it out for free today and witness your business flourish!

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