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Senior Frontend Developer - React

Senior Frontend Developer - React

Hands on experience on ReactJS/Redux, CSS/SCSS (Grid), Responsive design, PWA, WebSocket, Unit Testing

Senior Frontend Developer - React

Are you looking for the next great opportunity? If so, apply here! You must have 2 years of React Experience.

Your responsibilities will consist of:

  • 4+ years of experience in front end development
  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, ES6, React JS
  • React Hooks and 16.8+
  • Lifecycle methods using hooks, Reusing state logics custom Hooks
  • Advanced React
  • Virtual DOM, Reconciliation, Context API, Render props wrapper hell
  • Redux
  • Redux Architecture/ Fundamental principles, latest Redux hooks, Middleware's(Thunk or saga)
  • JS/ES6
  • latest features(variable scope, arrow fn, Template Strings, Object/Array destructure, Optional chaining, Spread/Rest/Null coalescing operator), Typescript, New Array methods, Async/Await, yield/generator functions, Promises
  • CSS/Responsive design
  • Flexbox, Display/Position, Box model, CSS selectors
  • Tools:
  • Webpack/Gulp/Grunt, Unit Testing, GIT, etc
  • Experience in Source Control (Bitbucket/GIT)
  • Knowledge and experience with using Restful API
  • Must be able to translate specifications (wireframes) into high quality code
  • Must be able to design components to drive reusability and performance
  • Must be able to build responsive design
  • Design, develop, and maintain code that meets requirements, is high quality, and performs efficiently and effectively to provide a great customer experience.
  • Write production quality and thoroughly tested code.

Senior Frontend Developer - React
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