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Sales Simplify Campaigns

Connect and engage with your prospects and customers on multiple channels, including email, SMS, and WhatsApp— All with the simple-to-use and built-in Campaigns module.

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Stay in touch with your customers or prospects. Always.

Connect and engage. Build better relationships. Sell and grow.

Send helpful content and updates regularly to all your leads and customers. And build better relationships with meaningful conversions across all channels they hang out on.

Engage on emails

1:1 personalized emails to your contacts, follow-ups, bulk email campaigns or transactional emails— you can do it all with Campaigns.

Hangout on WhatsApp*

Send WhatsApp Campaigns personalized for each contact and hangout with your leads on WhatsApp for fast and deeper conversations.

Drive ROI with SMS

Keep your customers hooked with updates and offers andshoot up your sales and ROI by sending SMS Campaigns with best delivery and open rate.

Campaigns make personalized engagement at scale possible!
click rate

With personalized interactive emails.

conversion rate

With efficient use of WhatsApp business.

open rate

With the high-delivery SMS campaigns.

Run omnichannel campaigns and boost your sales engagement

Turn cold leads into hot prospects through Email, WhatsApp, and SMS campaigns and keep them engaged. Catch their attention and nurture them to close more deals.

Land in your lead’s inbox with a bam!

Personalize and automate Email campaigns

Run email campaigns swiftly with built-in automation and AI Wizard. Utilize ready-to-use templates and create and send your email campaigns in no time. Schedule, follow up, succeed! 

Avoid landing into spam with personalization
Improve engagement with interactive content
Keep leads interested through follow-ups
Save time and yield results with automation
Close more deals with email engagement
Connect with inbound sales engagement

Crack customer engagement with WhatsApp Campaigns*

Drive conversations with your prospects on the most friendly platform- WhatsApp! Easily send broadcasts and drip messages with WhatsApp Campaigns. Enjoy real-time syncing of all your leads to WhatsApp lists for sending campaigns in seconds.

Re-engage leads and customers on WhatsApp
Increase response rate from prospects
Convert cold leads into hot leads with high engagement
Build great bonds with personalized conversations
*Coming Soon...
Connect more closely with customers
Go beyond sending updates and OTPs!

Skyrocket your conversions and sales with SMS Campaigns

Reach your customers on SMS and get better engagement with high open rates and reliable delivery with AI-powered SMS Campaigns. Send OTPs, updates, promotions, or sales campaigns, all in a personalized way.

Best delivery with AI Engine and automated backup routing
Send SMS in more than 190 countries from one dashboard
Trackable links for insights, high engagement and remarketing
Segment and retarget your your audience with tags and smart links
Improve ROI with SMS Campaigns

“Before Sales Simplify, we were running campaigns but needed to do it more efficiently. We had to use different tools to run campaigns on various platforms. The management was chaotic, and we could not keep track of all the campaigns. Sales Simplify changed everything; we were able to manage campaigns from the omnichannel dashboard and run multiple campaigns side by side, and tracking the performance has never been easier!”

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Run AI-powered multi-channel campaigns and grow your business

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