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Manage activities and stay updated on your upcoming activities. Track targets and achievements.

Activities in Sales Simplify represent any scheduled action on your part towards closing of a deal. A phone call, lunch meeting, email and so on. You can schedule it with your people contacts, companies, or deals so you will always know what's coming next.

By default, you can set up your activities to be a Call, Meeting, Task, Deadline, Email, or Lunch type. You can set up custom Activities for activities that are specific to your company's needs.

How to setup Custom Activity:

Step 1 – Go to Admin settings->Activities.

Step 2 – Click “Add Activity” and you can choose the symbol and name.

Tip: To facilitate the activities scheduling process, we suggest using our Calendar sync to sync activities from your calendar feature to set up availabilities and book activities with clients.

How to create an Activity

Step 1 - Go to Home module. Click on Add Activity.

The user is someone who will take the meeting for the deal, this activity was created by the Owner, so he can have the chance to assign to any of the agents, admin, or themselves to take a meeting with the client. If the Activity is created by the Agent, they cannot assign it to anyone.

Step 2 – Fill in the details.

  • Activity Name — Name of your activity.
  • Activity Type — Default or custom activity type.
  • Due Date — The time and date of your activity.
  • Owner - The owner of the activity. You can assign your team member or agents.
  • Associated - Select the associated module for the activity
  • Description - Any additional information, notes or description of the activities can be added

If you select activity type as Meeting you will have additional fields to fill.

  • Guest - The people you want to invite to the activity. This can be either you’re existing Sales Simplify contacts or an external email address. It's recommended to make sure the Sales Simplify contact person added to the guest's section is also linked to the activity itself.
  • Location - If it's a physical meeting you can enter the location.
  • Meeting Link - If it's an online meeting you can paste the meeting link
  • Time Zone - The time zone of the meeting

As we see in the Below picture, we can create an activity for any Deal, Lead, People or Company by clicking the Associated dropdown.

Here is an example of creating an Activity for a Deal.

Since Sales Simplify encourages activity-based selling, it's easy to schedule activities no matter where you are.

Completing Activities

As you complete your scheduled activities, you can mark them as done in the activities list. They can also be marked as done anywhere you are able to see your activities, such as in the detail pages of your deals and contacts timeline view.

The activities Marked as done time field will be updated with when the activity itself was marked as done. The Due date field will always show the time and date the activity was originally scheduled for.

You can customize your Activity Outcomes by following the steps below

Step 1 - Go to Admin Setting->Outcome->Activity

Step 2 – Click the button Add Activity Outcome.

Step 3 – Add the name of the activity outcome and save it. So whatever reasons the owner add here, they will appear in the dropdown while selecting the lost reasons in the deal module.


The summary section give you an outlook of all your upcoming and overdue activities along with the Sales Targets assigned by Owner, Admin or Team Manager.

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