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A walkthrough on how to add or import companies

Companies: -

Companies act as larger collections of data in Sales Simplify. All of the People related to a Company will be listed in its detail view in the Company module, including any Notes or Activities performed in relation to any People/Deals related to the Company.

  • Companies are the organizations that your People Contacts work for, and contain information like a mailing address, or industry information.
  • Companies can contain multiple People.
  • Companies can have multiple Deals open for them at the same time.
  • Companies can be related to other Organizations.
  • Companies can be synced with the contact Provider, imported from a previous CRM via integrations, or imported from a CSV.


Step 1 - To create a Company, click on create company button. This will open pop-up.

Step 2 - Provide details Company name, address & website afterwards click save

You can see all the Leads, Deals and People that are linked to the company in the popover view and the combined timeline of the linked modules.

Importing Contacts

Admin Users in the Sales Simplify company account can also import a spreadsheet of contacts, bringing your existing contact list with you into Sales Simplify. Click here to know more about Import or Export.

Smart Views

You can filter your People using Smart views. Click here to know more.

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