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Step by step guide to manage sales pipeline


In Sales Simplify, the ongoing transaction you are pursuing with a Person or Organization is tracked as a deal, which is processed through the stages of your pipeline until it is either WON or LOST. Deals contain all of the actions taken toward the closing of a sale. Deals will also pull all information from the Person or Organization that they are associated with, which you can find in the Detail View of that deal.

Note: The number of open deals you can have depends on which plan you are on.

Deals can be associated with a Person and/or an Organization.

  • Deals track all events and movements that take place throughout your sales process.
  • Since a Deal is connected to a contact, any actions you perform on the Deal will also be associated with the Person/Organization related to it.
  • The progress of the deals in your account is tracked as progress in your account.

These are the Pipeline stages that Deal will fall into, it can be customized as per your requirements

  1. Qualified,
  2. Contact Mode,
  3. Proposal mode,
  4. Demo Scheduled
  5. Negotiation Mode.

Follow-up of sales deals is key for any Sales agent. There are many stages the deals will fall into. You can create a deal or edit these deals as per your requirement.

Create a Deal

Step 1 – Click on “+Deal” to add a new Deal or you can convert your Lead to a Deal.

Step 2 – Fill in all the details in the Add Deal form.

  • Person Name - The contact name of your customer
  • Company Name - Organization name associated with this deal
  • Deal Name - The name of the deal
  • Phone Number - Associated number of the contact
  • Email - Associated email of the contact
  • Owner - The owner of the deal
  • Deal Value - Value of the deal can be manually entered or via adding Product
  • Products - You can add products to your deal.
  • Pipeline - Choose the pipeline of your deal
  • Pipeline Stage - Select the stage where your deal is
  • Expected Close Date - A date which you expect to close this deal. This helps in your forecast, click to know more.
  • Tag - The tag for your deal

Step 3 – Click Save once done and your Deal will be shown in the Dashboard.

In case, the sales agent scheduled a Demo with the customer and the customer is not interested for the Demo, then you can simply drag that Demo card to Lost Deal.

If the Deal was Lost due to Some Reasons, you can just drag and drop the deal to lost as shown below.

When you drag the scheduled demo to Lost, it will ask for a reason. Once you select the reason you can Mark it as Lost.

You can define and customize these reasons by following the below steps

Step 1 - Go to Admin Setting->Deal Lost Reasons

Step 2 – Click the button Add Lost Reasons.

Step 3 – Add the name of the activity outcome and save it. So whatever reasons the owner add here, those will appear in the dropdown while selecting the lost reasons in the deal module.

View Deals - Pipeline & List

You can see your deals in a Pipeline view or a List view.

Sales Simplify helps you keep track of your deal progress by providing you with information about your deals based on what pipeline stage they occupy in your Pipeline View or List View. The pipeline stages are defined by an Admin /Owner. You can view the deals in a Pipeline view or a List view.

How to create the Pipeline?

Step 1 - Go to Deals in the top right corner click on the pipeline dropdown select Add Pipeline.

Step 2 -Give the pipeline name and choose the visibility if it is Public, Private, or Team.

Step 3 - After which create stages for the pipeline.

Here is a sample stage created here, similarly you can create any number of the pipeline(s).

Edit Pipeline

Step 1 - You can edit the Pipeline by clicking the Sales Pipeline from the drop-down

Step 2 - Click on the settings icon to edit.

Step 3 - A form will pop up where you can edit or you can delete that pipeline.

Importing Contacts

Admin Users in the Sales Simplify company account can also import a spreadsheet of contacts, bringing your existing contact list with you into Sales Simplify. Click here to know more about Import or Export.

Smart Views

You can filter your People using Smart views. Click here to know more.

How to select Currency in Deal?

You can set your currency in the Admin settings. Click here to know more. When adding a deal you can choose which currency you need.

How to add products to your deals? 

Step 1 -Click to add a deal you will be able to add products(Click here to create product).

Step 2 - You can enter the product/services you have created and choose the price or quantity for the deal. You can add more products to the deal.

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