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A step by step process of Import and Export

We always get more information about Leads in the form of excel files, the Leads which the sales agent needs to follow up with. It is difficult to add all the Leads manually. So, Sales Simplify provides you an option to import CSV files into the application at ease.

How to Import?

Step 1 - Go to the Import/Export section or any module page and at the right corner we have the option to import or export files.

Import/Export section
Import/Export Dropdown on Modules

Step 2 - To import any file just click on the button “Import/ Export” which is beside the filter, and it will ask to select, whether to import or export.

Step 3 - Then click on import leads this will redirect you to the below page.

Step 4 - Then click on “Import from File”. Then select the module, in to which you want to import data.

Step 5 - After selecting the data type click on continue and you will come to the 2nd step, where you can upload the file by drag and drop or click to upload.

Step 6 – Once the file is uploaded, you will have to map the fields. The File Field contains the column names of the excel sheet which will be mapped. The System Fields are the column names which are supported by Sales Simplify which will be automatically mapped with the File field but you can choose to remove it or assign other fields.

As shown in the below image the spreadsheet contains the name Mobile but the table fields support only Phone, now we need to map the Mobile to Phone. After mapping is done, click on continue to complete the import process. You will have all your data as shown in the spread sheet on the Sales Simplify platform.

Note: Phone Number or Email is a Mandatory field.

How to Export?

Step 1 - Choose which module you need to export and Click on the Export option.

Step 2 - Select the fields to be exported and the file format.

Note - We currently only support .CSV format but more will be added soon.

Step 3 - Once the export is processed, it will redirect you to the Export module and you can download the data in .CSV format.

You can choose between modules to check your Import or Export history. Click on the dropdown as shown and you can choose between the modules to access the history.

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