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Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights, Goals & Forecasting
Insights Dashboard
Insights, Goals & Forecasting

Insights Dashboard

Get a analytical view along with the reports of your sales progress, keeping track of team performance

Keeping track of your agent or team(s) progress and performance is one of the most important parts of sales. The Sales Simplify Insights feature will allow you to create custom reports so you know exactly what you or the team(s) have accomplished so far, and what you will need to improve on in order to hit your targets.

There are two sections to the Insights feature:

  • The Reports section will allow you to create a visual representation of your sales performance.
  • You can then add these Reports to your Dashboards section, a collection of Reports, customizable by each user to show exactly what you need to focus on.

To access your Insights feature, go to the Insights tab on your primary navigation.

Note: Agents will only be able to see their own dashboard by default in the Insights feature. The owner can see their user/agent, admins, and team(s) dashboard.


A user can create multiple Dashboards by clicking on the Dashboard-My Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is where you will see the customized Reports you have added from your Reports section.


Step 1 - To create a report, go to Insights, and click on the '+Report' symbol next to your Dashboard tab.

Step 2 - Select the type of Report that you want to create. The user can select any no. of reports to add to your Dashboard.

Step 3 -Once you have created and customized your Report, you can click on Save in the top right corner to name your Report and add it to any Dashboard. You can also create a new Dashboard from this window.

Step 4 - After selecting the reports it will open another window,

  1. For User/Team select the user or team for whom you want to create a dashboard to track.
  2. Under Pipeline, you can select the pipeline which is preset by Sales Simplify or the custom pipeline created (Refer to Deals for the custom pipeline)
  3. Interval means on which interval you want to show the reports between, for example, Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.
  4. Duration of the reports.

Updating Existing Reports

If you want to update an existing Report, you can do so by clicking on the Report you want to update in your Insights sidebar, making the relevant adjustments by clicking on the edit icon, and hitting Edit to save the adjustments.

To rename or delete your existing Report, you can click on the delete icon on the report.

Each Report can be displayed on multiple Dashboards, just one Dashboard, or no Dashboards.

Companies with multiple teams may not wish to track the same information for each team. If this is the case, we suggest creating multiple Dashboards, customized for each team’s needs.

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