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A walkthrough of processing and managing Leads


In the early stages of your lead generation process, you may find yourself with a lot of potential deals sitting in the early stages of your pipeline, not ready to move forward through the sales process but also not cold enough to be lost or deleted. This can cause a lot of clutter in your workspace and can distract you from focusing on the deals that need your immediate attention.

In Sales Simplify you can add leads in the Lead module before adding them to your pipeline as Deals. Leads is a separate module to keep your prequalified leads in before they become Deals. Once you decide which leads can be qualified, you can easily convert them to deals and add them directly into your pipeline to start your sales process.

  • Leads can be added via Import, Leadbot, Workflow Automation, API or Webhooks Integrations.
  • Leads can be associated with a Person, an Organization, or both
  • Leads allow you to organize your potential clients, before moving them to your sales pipeline.

You can add a lead by clicking the +Lead button in the top right corner.

How to merge Leads?

If you have Leads which are duplicate you can merge them. You can select any of your 2 leads and click merge.

You can choose which data to be merged and click merge.

How to Convert your Leads? 

To convert your Leads to Deals, People or Junk Leads you can select individually and choose from the dropdown.

Converting Leads to Deals:

When you've qualified the Lead and are ready to pursue it as a deal in your pipeline, you can click Convert to deal. This will bring you to a new dialog, where you can define the pipeline, visibility, and value of your new deal.

Any person and organization information from the Lead will automatically be populated in the Convert to deal dialog, so you can easily add them to your contacts lists.

If Sales Simplify recognizes a potential duplicate contact, you will be prompted to review and select an existing contact if applicable. Any notes added to Leads will also be transferred over to the deal detail view.

Once completed, hit Save to convert the Lead into a new deal. The Lead will be removed from your Leads and moved into the Pipeline specified in Deals Module.

Converting Lead to Junk Lead:

If the lead has no interest in your product, you can select the lead in the leads module, it will show the option to convert to lead to junk lead. You can also convert junk leads to Active Lead.

Lead Lost Reasons

The Owner can define the lost reason for the Lead. To create the lead lost reasons

Step 1 - Go to Admin Settings-> Lead Lost Reasons. Which will show some preset defined reasons.

Step 2 – Click Add Lost Reasons to add your custom reasons as per your business requirement. Whatever reasons the owner defines here will reflect in the leads module while converting them to junk leads.

Converting Lead to People

You can convert any lead to people if they are no more a prospect but a customer and have multiple deals. Thus you can associate them to any number of deals in the platform.

Once you click convert to people a dialog box will ask for a confirmation once it's confirmed your lead will move to the people section.

Importing Contacts

Admin Users in the Sales Simplify company account can also import a spreadsheet of contacts, bringing your existing contact list with you into Sales Simplify. Click here to know more about Import or Export.

Smart Views

You can filter your People using Smart views. Click here to know more.

Bulk Edit

You can bulk edit any lead by selecting them and clicking Bulk edit

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