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All your customer details and information represented as people

People: -

They are the specific customers or your point of contact that you are selling to from Sales Simplify. These contacts are the backbone of any sales process and any information relating to each contact such as scheduled activities or emails will be tracked in the detail view of that Person.

  • People are your customers and contain email addresses and phone numbers.
  • People can belong to an Organization.
  • People can have multiple Deals open for them at the same time.
  • People can be synced with contact Provider, imported from a previous CRM via integrations, or import from a CSV.

How to add People?

Step 1 - Go to Contacts ->People. Click on Add People button. If you are not aware of custom fields check this link. custom fields

Step 2 - Provide the details and add save.

  • In the List View of your People or Company tab.
    This will create only one person. When creating a Person, you can either create a new Company to associate with that person or choose to associate that Person's contact with an existing company.
  • From within the Detail View of a specific Company.
    Adding a Person contact will associate this new Person contact with the company you are currently viewing.

Importing Contacts

Admin Users in the Sales Simplify company account can also import a spreadsheet of contacts, bringing your existing contact list with you into Sales Simplify. Click here to know more about Import or Export.

Smart Views

You can filter your People using Smart views. Click here to know more.

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