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Global Search
Global search is a search engine that searches the specified keyword in all of the modules which includes People, Leads, Companies and Products. If reports in the modules are matched with your specified keyword, it will show their information. You can be redirected to that page directly by clicking on the search results.

Here we have searched for SpaceX, as Company contains information about SpaceX. The same was shown in the results.

Quick Action

At the top right corner, you will find a "+" symbol which will directly open the selected module to open the form to create Leads, Deals, Person, Company and Activities. All these functions are accessible from here. You can directly add anything without actually going into the module.


If you are facing any issue or need guidance feel free to click the Help button.

  • Send a Message - You can start a conversation with our Support Team
  • Help center - Access our Help center to guide you through any modules
  • Report an Issue - If you see a bug or an issue, you can use this feature to send it directly to our technical team via screenrecord or a snap
  • Request a feature - You can request a feature you feel is missing or would make the platform better
  • Conversations - Any prior conversations you've had with our support team can be accessed here


Stay updated on latest features, product updates or the roadmap to see the progress of requested features.

Activity Logs

A log of all the activity in your account.

Switch Company

If you are part of multiple accounts in Sales Simplify you can connect them and switch between them with ease

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