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Smart Views (Filter)
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Smart Views (Filter)

Customize your filter views and save them as a favorite to easily fetch your data

In Sales Simplify, you can use Smart Views to create different types of reports regarding the Leads, Deals, People, and Company, Activity in your Sales Simplify account. Create your custom filters and save them as a favorite to fetch the data quickly.

How to filter using Smart Views?

Step 1 – Click on Smart Views to see preset filter options. For creating a new filter click on the add button as shown in the image.

Step 2 – You can now choose what data you need to filter and also save it.

Step 3 - Click add condition and choose the field and condition, on which you want to create the filter,

Note: The filter process is the same for all modules.

Step 4 - Fill in the Field data and condition as per your requirement to filter the data. The condition field will contain all-predefined conditions like is, is not, Is empty, etc.

For example: If you need to filter a name that starts with Elon, selects the field as "Name", condition as " Is" and enter in the text area 'Elon'.

You can click the toggle button " Save Smart View ", assign a name and if required can mark it as a "Favorite".

Step 5 -The Smart View is created and you can click on it to get the records in which the names are started with "Elon".

Step 6 - If you want to mark/un-mark the Smart View as a favorite, click on the star icon, and if you want to edit the filter, you can click on the edit icon to do so.

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