Lead Generation Chatbot

Convert your website visitors into prospects and generate high-quality leads with conversational lead generation chatbot from Sales Simplify. 

Lead generation chatbot by sales simplify
  • Enjoy no code leadbot

    Easily set up your leadbot with Sales Simplify’s visual chatbot builder for lead generation without any knowledge of coding. 

  • Engage with visitors

    Talk to your visitors with conversational and friendly chatbots that your visitors will love to interact with and provide their lead details.  

  • Improve conversion rate

    Go beyond old-fashioned call-to-action buttons and tedious forms. Use chatbots across your website and see your conversion rates improve.  

Grow sales pipeline with the best chatbot for lead generation

Sales lead generation chatbot on your website not only boosts your conversion rate but also helps you connect with the decision-makers and generate more qualifying sales leads. 

  • 16x higher

    Conversion rate for pages using lead generation chatbot compared to pages using standard call-to-action and forms. 

  • 41% of people

    Who start conversions with business chatbots online are C-level executives and decision-makers.  

  • 58% of companies

    In the B2B market are using lead generation chatbots to engage with their visitors and grow their sales pipeline. 

Build sales chatbot as easily as setting up your WhatsApp profile

Click on Add Leatbot, give your leadbot a name, add questions you want to ask your prospects, and hit publish. As simple as that. No coding is required,. With Sales Simplify leadbot feature, you can make your lead generation chatbot in less than 5 minutes. 

Build sales chatbot as easily as setting up your whatsapp profile   lead generation chatbot by sales simplify

Convert visitors on all your sales channels and platforms

You can add the sales chatbot to your business website or use the free landing pages option from Sales Simplify. Whether your visitors see your website on mobile, tablet, or laptop, they will have a great time interacting with your chatbot and becoming your prospects.

Convert visitors on all your sales channels and platforms   lead generation chatbot by sales simplify

Make lead generation fun with chatbot

If you are still using just call-to-action and boring forms to capture leads, you need to change that! With the conversational format in lead generation chatbot, you can virtually talk to your prospects and make it fun for them to provide their information.

Make lead generation fun with chatbot   lead generation chatbot by sales simplify

​​Automate lead qualification and capture leads in CRM

Set qualifying questions in your CRM-integrated lead generation chatbot and let your visitors answer those questions in a conversational format, saving you time spent in manual qualification and automating lead generation for you. 

Automate lead qualification and capture leads in crm   lead generation chatbot by sales simplify

Sales Simplify lead generation chatbot improved our site conversions by 8X

“We are very happy to discover the lead generation chatbot technology by Sales Simplify. When we had the demo, we were amazed to see how simple it was to set up and how friendly it looked from the visitors point of view. After implementing it on our website, we were surprized with the results. Our conversion rate increased by about 8X. In our experience, the core reason for this boost was that the Sales Simplify chatbot made it possible for us to ask personalized questions based on which pages our visitors are checking, and it asks only one question at a time, making it easy to capture contact details from our prospects.” 

Robert Whide, VP Sales

Top companies work with us

  • Use personalization and automation to increase sales.
  • Be faster and better at capturing and converting.
  • Analytics to drive revenue growth.

Generate qualified leads with the most powerful lead generation technology in the world

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