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Never ask your visitors to fill boring lead forms again! Use AI-powered conversational lead generation chatbot to capture the attention of your website visitors, convert them into prospects, and generate high-quality leads. 

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Leadbot takes just minutes to set up and knows how to hook visitors and generate qualified leads for busy sales professionals like you. All on its own!

No code Leadbot

Easily set up your Leadbot with visual chatbot builder for lead generation, without any knowledge of coding.

Talks to visitors

Leadbot can talk to your visitors and capture their lead details in a conversational and friendly way that your visitors will love. 

Skyrocket lead generation

It goes beyond old-fashioned call-to-action buttons and tedious forms making your conversion rates skyrocket. Seriously. 

Leadbot can skyrocket your conversions and sales, trust these numbers!
more conversions

on pages using Leadbot instead of forms.

success rate

for chats initiated with Leadbot, from start to finish.

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of people interacting with lead generation chatbots.

Grow sales pipeline with best chatbot for lead generation

Sales lead generation chatbot on your website not only boosts your conversion rate but also helps you connect with the decision-makers and generate more qualifying sales leads.

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Make Leadbot as easily as setting up your WhatsApp

Build your lead generation chatbot in less than five minutes with visual bot builder and publish it on all of your lead generation channels including website. You can also share Leadbot links on social media and WhatsApp for quick leads.

No code visual Leadbot builder
Pre-built conversions templates to get started
Publish as many Leadbots as you want
Omnichannel support for lead generation
Build your first Leadbot now
Generate up to 17X more leads

Make lead generation fun and get flooded with leads

Replace boring forms and call-to-action buttons with conversational lead generation chatbots that don’t ask visitors “to provide details” but initiate a “conversation” with them and capture contact information using AI-powered chat.

Use different Leadbots on different pages
Personalize chatbots depending on target pages
Virtually chat with your prospects with Leadbot
Capture leads using automated conversations
Skyrocket your lead generation
​​Automate lead qualification process

Grow your sales pipeline with qualified leads

Set qualifying questions in your Leadbot and let your visitors answer those questions in a conversational format, saving you time spent in manual qualification, automating lead qualification process for you.

Add qualifying questions in Leadbot
Auto qualify a lead based on visitor replies
Grow sales pipeline with high-quality leads only
Spend zero time on leads that won’t close
Start generating qualified leads


"After implementing Sales Simplify Leadbot for lead generation, our conversion rate increased by about 8X. Just amazing to see how simple it was to set up and how friendly it looks for visitors. Couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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