Goodbye boring sales tasks

Sales Workflow Automation

Automate mundane sales tasks and repetitive sales activities with sales workflow automation so that you can spend more time closing deals.

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More with less efforts

Do more in sales with sales workflow automation

Imagine how you would feel if you could generate more leads, do more sales in less time, and have the happiest sales team in the world? Sales workflow automation can make that all a reality for you. 

Goodbye tedious tasks

Scheduling a meeting, adding the next follow-up, creating the deal, sending a thank you note - Your new friend, Sales Simplify Automation, can do it all and more for you.

Avoid sales mistakes

Have you ever lost a client because you forgot to follow-up on time or send that email? Let sales workflow automation help you do it all on time now. 

Close more deals

Invest your time doing the most important sales work and your key business activities: Talking to clients, developing real relationships, and closing more deals. 

Skyrocket your sales productivity

Leads generated by companies deploying high-level automation for their sales workflow and process than those who don’t.


Activities in the sales workflow can be automated, approximately. That means 30% saved time to do more sales.


In the efficiency of sales teams using sales workflow automation along with better customer and job satisfaction.

Make impossible sales targets achievable

Set up as many workflow automations as you need for your sales process, start saving crazy number of hours, and check off all those tasks and targets that always seem so impossible.

Start easy with automation templates

Create an automated workflow from scratch or start with a template

Set custom workflow by starting from scratch or use pre-built sales automation templates created by Sales Simplify. You can add multiple automations at the same time like:

When a new lead is added, create an activity
When a new deal is added, send an email
When a new person is added, create a deal
When a deal is won, send an email
Create your first workflow now
DIY sales workflow automation

Give your workflow a name and select the module

Sales Simplify allows you to set workflow automation based on updates in Lead, People, Company, and Deal. You can choose to automate a workflow for yourself only or your team as well. 

Set automations for yourself or entire team
Visual workflow builder with zero coding
Set up any automation in less than 5 minutes
Enjoy unlimited automated workflows
Call out your first automation now
Just like IFTTT; If This Then That

Add triggers and conditions to your workflow

In the Set Trigger section, you can choose to trigger your sales automation on the condition when any new Lead, People, Company, or Deal is Created or any old record is Edited. Oh, did we also mention that you can also use conditional logic? Popular triggers and conditions:

When a new lead or deal is created
When there is update in a lead or deal
When a new contact or company is added
When there is update in any record
Start saving time with conditional workflows
Stop doing those repeat activities

Set workflow actions and activities you want to automate

You can automate follow-ups, scheduling client meetings, email notifications, field updates, deal creations, and just about any repetitive sales activities and tasks. Popular use cases:

Auto-send follow-up after lead is added
Auto-schedule client meet after deal is created
Assign me research task when new company is added
Remind me to call the client after contact is added
Automate all repeat sales activities

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Save about 30% of your time with sales workflow automation

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