Build better relationships with your customers

Sales CRM Software

Simple and easy-to-use AI and ML-powered CRM solution to organize customer information, automate sales tasks, engage with prospects, and close more deals with insights and automation.

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Unlike any other sales CRM software

Much more than what you’d expect from a CRM

Beyond organizing customer information— Use our CRM to build a better sales pipeline, automate tedious tasks, and skyrocket your sales team productivity and closing rates.

Enjoy simplified CRM

Manage all your leads, deals and contacts in one easy-to-use dashboard and stay productive with built-in-automation for repeat tasks.

Build lasting relationships

Never miss a follow-up or customer detail ever again. Thanks to notes, reminders, and automated engagement activities! 

Stay on top of deals

Get AI-powered insights for which deals in the pipeline need your time and attention and close more deals with less efforts.

You can sell more with a CRM, say these numbers!
sales efficiency

For sales teams using a mobile-ready CRM software.

sales productivity

For sales reps using modern CRM software.

customer retention

With sales CRM for customer relationships.

One CRM to rule all sales activities

Now you no longer need to use tens of different tools to carry on your CRM and sales tasks. #WithSalesSimplify CRM, easily do it all in one simple-to-use solution.

0% organizing. 100% relationship building.

Enjoy simplified CRM. So Organized. So Automated.

Let the sales CRM do all the repetitive tasks and organizing for you with workflow automation. Spend 0% efforts in organizing and 100% of your time and energy on building relationships with your customers.

Auto capture and distribute leads to sales reps
Always updated information in cloud-based CRM
Visual pipeline management with drag and drop
Mobile-ready for hybrid and remote sales teams
Be organized + supercharge sales productivity
Build real and lasting relationships. Fruitful ones!

Win prospects with advanced engagement activities

Nurture your leads at every step of your sales funnel with the built-in customer engagement platform to connect with your prospects on call, email, video meets, and other channels— all from a single screen.

Design customized sales pipeline and funnel
Schedule meetings and follow-up tasks
Timeline view to track all engagement activities
Notes and reminders to never miss a detail
Win more prospects and deals
Be a sales rockstar! Achieve ambitious goals.

Improve sales closing rates and grow really fast

Monitor your entire sales operations in one place. See which deals your entire sales reps are working on. Keep an eye on all pending tasks and ensure timely actions to maximize won deals.

Track and monitor sales reps activities
Automated reports for process improvements
Lead scoring for high focus on best deals
AI-powered recommendations to improve closures
Improve sales closing rates

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