Sales Pipeline Management

 Now you can stay on top of every stage in your sales pipeline and boost your sales by closing more deals with sales pipeline management software from Sales Simplify.   

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  • Remote First

    Manage everything in your sales pipeline on the go and sell from anywhere with the Sales Simplify mobile app. 

  • Automated management

    Save hours of your productive time with automated reminders, follow-ups, calls, and emails synced with your calendar. 

  • Customized pipeline

    Add as many stages, fields, and labels as you need to manage your pipeline in sales and work faster. 

Unlike any other sales pipeline management tool

There are hundreds of sales pipeline management software that can help you with managing your pipeline. Driven by data, Sales Simplify goes beyond just management to help you hit your sales targets. 

  • 28% more

    Revenue growth in companies with professional sales pipeline management systems than those who don’t. 

  • 15% more

    Growth in organizations with effective pipeline management in sales than those who don’t. 

  • 39% more

    Sales in companies who train their sales team to manage sales pipeline more than those who don’t. 

Create or import new deals in clicks

Add new leads to built-in sales pipeline management CRM or import multiple leads from a CSV or Excel file. You can also convert leads into deals in one click, saving you big time on manual data entry.  

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Manage sales pipeline now as easy as drag and drop

Drag and drop leads between stages in your sales pipeline, from becoming a lead to a customer. Switch between Kanban or list view. Customize your sales pipeline to add as many stages and fields as your sales flow needs.  

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Find the deal you are looking for in a jiffy

Filter deals in your pipeline by stages, tags, and lead owner. Feel free to use as many tags as you want. Need more look-up power? Get Smart Views and multi-conditions filter at your service! 

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Close more deals with automated reminders and follow-ups

Manage all your pipeline leads on the fly. Check lead history using Timeline, jot down Notes, and set reminders for follow-up using the Activity section. You can also send emails to your leads right from the dashboard, making sales pipeline management a breeze for you!  

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We hit our sales goals with pipeline management in Sales Simplify

"Our entire team and I personally love managing our sales pipeline in Sales Simplify. With its simplified drag and drop deals management and custom stages feature, Sales Simplify has made it so easy for us to add and organize all our leads and deals in one view. We can also see expected sales and agent-wise status for each stage in one view helping us take timely actions and hit our sales goals." 

Mich Douglas, Co-founder & CEO

Top companies work with us

  • Use personalization and automation to increase sales.
  • Be faster and better at capturing and converting.
  • Analytics to drive revenue growth.

Never let a good deal get lost in your sales pipeline

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