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Everything you need for capturing leads, engaging with prospects at every stage of the sales process, and converting them into customers - all in one simplified AI-powered inbound sales platform.

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Simplify inbound sales

Inbound sales solution you're waiting for

A perfect blend of automation and personalization without all the complexity of legacy inbound sales solutions, to make inbound really easy for you.


Convert visitors into leads using smart Leadbot and automate lead qualification by adding sales qualifying questions in the Leadbot.


Connect and engage your prospects at every step of the sales process using AI-powered intelligent sales engagement platform.


Understand the pain points of your prospects with activity tracker and analytics and close more deals by solving their problems for real.

Inbound sales does make sense, say these numbers!
sales revenue

IBM got with inbound social selling program.


To meet your sales and revenue targets.

interested buyers

Who prefer inbound research before talking to sales.

Make people love your sales process with inbound

People don’t like being sold out to! But they love to be heard and buy what solves their problems for real. Let’s do just that with inbound sales solution.

Capture with inbound sales automation

Automatically turn visitors into qualified leads

Automate conversations with your visitors with smart Leadbot. Capture contact details with personalized questions based on the page they are visiting and add them in sales platform. All of it with sales automation!

Capture visitors' info with personalized Leadbot
Auto-add leads from your website pipeline
Filter leads with qualifying questions
Automate sales tasks with prebuilt workflows
Start getting more inbound leads
Connect with inbound sales engagement

Engage prospects with multi-channel communication

Put your sales engagement flow in auto-pilot mode using AI-driven sales engagement platform. Stay connected with prospects throughout sales pipeline, right from becoming a lead to becoming a customer.

Automate follow-up activity for all your leads
Connect on calls, emails, or book a meet
Understand prospects better with Timeline
Use sales cadence to keep prospects engaged
Engage with your prospects better
Close, close, and close!

Build real relationships and close more deals

Get a deeper understanding of your prospects, their behavior, and pain points using the power of AI and ML analytics and position your products and services as a solution. Prospects get problems solved, and you win new deals!

Build good rapport via staying connected
Understand prospects’ pain points with analytics
Offer to solve their exact problems with your offerings
Close more deals and go beyond your sales goals
Start closing more deals


"For our inbound process, we needed software that is simple and easy to use because our sales team didn't have time to spend hours learning a new tool! Sales Simplify did it for us. And the automation part is just amazing!"

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