Sales Simplify Startup Program

Skyrocket your startup growth with Sales Simplify

If you are an early-stage startup, get access to Sales Simplify at up to 70% discount and save up to USD 2100 in the subscription cost. Sales Simplify gives you everything you need to sell and grow your startup - An all-in-one AI-powered sales automation and engagement platform with built-in CRM and cloud communication channels.

*No credit card required

To make your startup happen. Now. 

Getting your startup up and running and building something out of nothing is hard. That’s where Sales Simplify startup program comes in - to help you build and grow your startup in every way.

Up to $2,100 in savings

Save up to US$ 2100 on Sales Simplify subscription for your startup with up to 70% off on all plans.

Everything to grow sales

Get access to Sales Simplify platform with sales automation, sales engagement, CRM, and communication channels.

Invite-only community support

Free membership to our invite-only community of sales experts and entrepreneurs for peer support to grow your startup.


Get over your startup sales struggles

We know what sales challenges you are facing. We are a startup too, after all! Good news, the time has come to win those sales challenges over and start selling like the pros we are.

Generate leads on autopilot

Let Sales Simplify Leadbot automate lead generation on your entire website and convert your visitors into qualifying prospects. 

Achieve revenue goals with small sales team

We know everyone in your startup has got too much on their plate. Let our sales workflow automation kick in and let your sales team automate repetitive tasks, empowering you to get more done with small team.

Let engagement flow with prospects

Engage your prospects by automating interactions and delivering your message when they are most likely to hear it with our AI-powered sales engagement platform. 

Shorten sales cycles with intelligent CRM 

Get a complete view of every prospect, how likely they are to convert into customers, and channel sales efforts into most promising prospects.

Goodbye sales management headache

You must be wearing too many heavy hats to manage your startup tasks! Make sales one easy by managing everything related to sales in one simple dashboard. 

Scale your startup growth

Can your team repeat your current sales workflow? That’s required as your sales team grows. Sales Simplify will help you build a sales process that can be repeated and scale with your startup.

What it takes to enter Sales Simplify startup program?

Not much, actually! Just get incorporated, build a team of 10, and don’t raise more than US$ 1M. That will be all.

Legal Entity

Your startup should be a company registered in any country less than 2 years back.

A team of 10+

There should be at least 10 members in your startup team.

Early stage startup

Your startup should be either bootstrapped or funded for not more than US$ 1M.

Frequently Asked

I am an existing customer of Sales Simplify. Can I apply for the startup program?
Before applying for Sales Simplify startup program, can I get a demo of the platform?
I want to know more about the Sales Simplify startup program. Where shall I contact?

Your dream startup deserves to grow faster. Let’s make it happen now. 

No credit card. No surprises.