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9 Benefits of Sales automation too good to ignore

Know all about the benefits of sales automation, how it helps generate revenue and leads to help business reach heights like never before

Sales process automation is a transformation tool for entrepreneurs, and in no time has it become a necessity. It can eliminate mundane tasks relating to sales pipelines, follow-ups, and lead acquisition. Sales automation benefits do not just limit to automation processes. It also helps businesses to quantify and restructure their workflow and marketing campaigns. 

Sales automation, when combined with marketing automation, generates remarkable results. It saves energy and time and facilitates more revenue generation. One of the most impressive benefits of sales automation is that it helps streamline your business while you can focus on nurturing your relationship with your clients. 

Why do we Need Sales Automation?

All the marketing exercises finally come down to sales. The sales process starts with fetching potential leads, understanding their requirements, and engaging with them until they convert into clients. The sales process involves indulging in multiple repetitive documentation and tasks, because of which they are likely to focus less on the core sales activities. 

Sales automation tools come in as a savior. It takes away the burden of repetitive tasks and activities. It is a handy solution for the sales team that helps them concentrate on core sales movements. 

Conclusively, if you are looking for a quick and smart way to enhance your productivity and sales, sales automation is your key.

Benefits of Sales Automation

The sales team is one of the most essential building blocks of your business. Strengthening your sales team is a key responsibility. Your team functions based on how you change the course of business. The more they concentrate on sales strategies, the better your business performs. You can eliminate the burden of repetitive tasks off their charts, such that all they focus on are the sales activities. This can be done by opting for sales automation. 

Listed below are the proven benefits of sales automation. Let us have a quick view:

It Helps you Recognize Potential Customers 

When it comes to business, knowledge is king. The more you know about your clients, the better it is for business. Sales automation helps you gather ample data about the customers. The AI performs an incredible job at keeping the data organized. It helps gather knowledge better than what can be done manually. The sales team can apply the filter criteria and extract the potential customers from the uninterested and non-genuine approaches. The whole automation benefit is that it helps to have successful conversions if your sales team follow-up only the genuine lot of customers. 

As per Hinge Research studies, companies that indulge in high-level automation generate 16% more leads when compared to the ones opting for no or low-level automation. 

Make Customer Relationships a Priority

One of the major sales automation benefits is that it enables you to maintain healthy relationships with your customers. The sales process comprises ample activities like the first interaction with your potential customers, collection of payments, and others. Customers value instant responses and details every single time. There are additional tasks like sending emails, follow-ups, reminders, downloads, and others. You can set up an automation software to do it all for you. With every single task automated, you can have happy customers without the need of having awkward conversations with them about payment reminders. 

Simplify the process of Reporting

Reporting is a long and tedious task. Managers and sales reps can use Customer Relations Manager (CRM) to send automated emails and reports. Software automation helps to gather information much faster than when done manually. Thus, your sales team can save a lot of time. 

Achieve Reliable and Accurate Data

Another one of the prominent sales automation benefits is that it delivers accurate and reliable data. Dealing with the pricing of several products gets difficult. Automation helps to centralize the entire system of price computation. It simplifies the price modification process, which further helps to seal the deal with customers. With pricing and products at the fingertips of the sales reps, they can perform better to seal more deals. 

Personalized Journey for Customers

To convert a one-time client into a loyal customer is quite a challenging task for any business. One of the most convenient ways of doing this is to opt for personalized blog content and social media via automation. McKinsey reports state that businesses that opted for early adoption of sales automation witness high customer satisfaction results. 

As per video marketing statistics, over 70% of customers prefer original, exceptional, and targeted content. Marketing automation tools help streamline the process of conveying apt content to the customers via emails. More marketing automation benefits include data collection that helps in qualifying leads and forwarding them to the sales team.  

Creating Professional Proposals

Do you wish to be thoroughly professional with your clients and customers? Sales automation is your answer. Sales automation software enables you to create quotations and sales proposals in a snap of seconds. In addition, all this happened by the mere entry of basic details of the customers. The proposals would turn out extremely professional, and you would be able to send documents across in no time. 

Analyze the Sales Calls

Practice makes man perfect and so is the case with sales calls. For a good running business, you must spot out the 'goods' and 'bad' of a sales call. With the help of sales automation, you can analyze every sale call through transcription. The automation software would record the sales calls and deeply analyze them using the conversion intelligence tools. 

Customize Contracts and Documents

With sales automation software in your vanity, you will never have to bother about generating the right contracts and documents. Sales automation aids in generating agreements and contracts. All the terms and conditions and other details would be open to customers right on spot. For further ease and convenience, you can also have the provision of electronic signatures added to contracts. Timely reminders and quick information can be easily generated to send out reminders to customers. With this automation, you get to save a lot of your time and energy.

Reduced Cost

As per Keap’s 2020 Customer Survey, small-scale businesses find it most troublesome to acquire resources and time for marketing purposes. 22.9% of the respondents stated that they gather data manually on calls rather than automating the process. In addition, as per McKinsey, 44% of firms that use AI, report a reduction in business costs. 

Software automation saves you not just time but also offers you resources to get more work done. Plus the bonus, everything done is accurate. If you invest in the right automation software, you have one software accomplishing the task of what 50 employees manually perform. 

All required is lead generation and nurturing, as well as, marketing campaigns that can begin work side by side. In merely a few months of implementing automated marketing campaigns, you get leads to shooting out thousands of emails using autopilot software.

Get Sales Automation in Action & Grow Your Sales

Now that you know the benefits, we’re sure you cannot wait to adopt sales automation!

Sales automation can offer benefits more than you can estimate. Its ability to eliminate manual repetitive tasks and take hours off your working day is incredible. 

Automation of mundane tasks keeps stressful manual situations at bay. Smart choices can make your team more focused and productive. If you are looking for assistance with sales automation, you are at the right place. We at Sales Simplify stand glad to offer you all you need to automate your business. So wait no more, and get your business automated by the best in the market.

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