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Leverage the power of WhatsApp in the Cloud, automate, schedule, and send personalized 1:1 and bulk WhatsApp messages for marketing, sales, and support, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Bring the magic of WhatsApp engagement and scale to your business

Send personalized campaigns at scale with WhatsApp API

Claim access to WhatsApp Cloud API in minutes with our WhatsApp Campaigns platform and start sending WhatsApp broadcasts at scale to connect with all your prospects and customers where they are- on WhatsApp.

Quick setup

A valid phone number, proof of business, and 15 minutes are all you need to claim your WhatsApp Cloud API and start using it with our WhatsApp Campaigns platform.

Bulk WhatsApp messages

Segment your audience and send WhatsApp broadcasts to all users. Enjoy higher engagement and conversions with targeted campaigns for sales, marketing, and support.

Conversation-based high ROI

With zero set up fee, conversation-based pricing, highly-personalized messages, and real-time campaigns reports, make the most ROI for each WhatsApp you send.

What makes WhatsApp a must-have communication channel for your business?
global audience

Active on WhatsApp signaling that possibly all your target customers are on WhatsApp.

conversions boost

By leveraging WhatsApp engagement and retargeting campaigns.

positive response

From customers that WhatsApp helps them build a personal connection with businesses.

Leverage WhatsApp Official API for marketing, sales, and support

Achieve higher engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction by sending personalized WhatsApp messages for marketing, sales, and support, all from one simple WhatsApp Campaigns dashboard.

Level up your marketing with WhatsApp API

Reach global customers on WhatsApp and grow faster

Promote your products and services to customers worldwide on the most active communication channel- WhatsApp. Send automated WhatsApp messages at each stage of the customer journey.

Send limited time and exclusive offers to subscribers
Promote new products with media-rich messages
Win more customer trust with WhatsApp Green Tick
Woo customers with personalized seasonal greetings
Use WhatsApp Cloud API for Marketing
Boost sales and revenue with WhatsApp Direct API

Multiply your engagement, conversions, and sales with WhatsApp

Leverage the power of WhatsApp automation and engage your prospects by sending automated WhatsApp messages at each stage of the buyer journey to reduce drop rate and boost conversions.

Win back customers with abandoned cart reminders
Reduce no-show with appointment and meeting notifications
Drive actions and sales with interactive messages
Re-engage lost customers with retargeting campaigns
Use WhatsApp Direct API for Sales
Deliver a delightful customer experience with WhatsApp Official API

Delight customers with most friendly support channel: WhatsApp

Make your customers super happy by offering the best of automated and human-powered help by combining WhatsApp chatbot and shared WhatsApp inbox (coming soon) for real-time support.

Automate usual support communications like order updates
Answer customer queries on WhatsApp
Automatically respond to redundant questions using chatbot
Improve retention and revenue with happy customers
Use WhatsApp Official API for Support


"We needed a WhatsApp solution that could integrate with our CRM and connect all our team members to it for sending WhatsApp messages in bulk to different segments of our customers. With the Sales Simplify WhatsApp Cloud API platform, we could use our old business phone number for the setup, and also got a built-in CRM and an easy-to-use dashboard to manage all our WhatsApp campaigns. We’re super glad with it.”

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