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LinkedIn Email Finder

Find your prospects' email ID and accurate contact information with the LinkedIn Email Finder chrome extension and save it in CRM in just two clicks!

*You need a Sales Simplify account for this extension to work.
Level up your LinkedIn prospecting

Generate qualified leads from LinkedIn

Find up-to-date email addresses, phone numbers, company details, and other accurate contact info of your prospects on LinkedIn. 

Increase quality leads

Visit any prospect profile on LinkedIn and convert that into a lead even if you’re not connected.

Build outbound pipeline

Grow your B2B outbound sales pipeline with high-quality leads and validated outreach information.

Close more deals

Get enough information to warm-up your pitch, connect at personal level, and close more deals.

Supercharge your B2B sales with LinkedIn prospecting
Data accuracy

Of contact details found by LinkedIn Finder Extension

Expected engagement

From target B2B buyers if you outreach as a thought leader 

Decision makers

4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions

From a prospect on LinkedIn to closed deal

LinkedIn Email Finder extension comes integrated with the Sales Simplify platform which has everything you need to connect with prospects, engage, and close.

Go beyond LinkedIn Email Finder

Start converting LinkedIn prospects into clients

Don’t stop at just finding contact details of your prospects. Save their details into CRM, start personalized outreach and engagement campaigns, and stay engaged with automated workflows until you close the deal!

Find contact info using Extension
Push leads into connected CRM
Outreach and engage with sales automation
Close the deals and grow your sales
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