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By integrating with omnichannel communications features and automated workflows based on data, teams can deliver impactful, personalized experiences.

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Send Text messages in over 190 countries globally, Configured Smartlink


Create Email Campaigns, Drag & Drop Editor, High Delivery Rate, Analytics

Smart Link

Track Numbers, Click rates, Geographic data of people visiting your links

Email Validation

Remove Invalid, Disposable, Spam Trap, Abusive Email AddressesInsert a page componentEdit component

Platform For Marketing Campaigns And Transactional Notifications

Saino Platform helps to reach 10x more audience across channels. With intelligent messaging across SMS, Email, and Voice you can reach a larger audience across any channel.

Increase customer engagement with secure personalized communications. Through AI integration and advanced engines, you can enhance your speed, efficiency, Delivery and conversion rates. Communication with customers happens across multiple channels, including SMS, email, Whatsapp, and phone.

Embedding these commonly used channels in Sales Simplify will make it a better position for customers to increase customer engagement and close sales deals faster. According to research, the teams that embrace omnichannel strategies receive 32% higher ROI. Sales Simplify upcoming omnichannel customer outreach, will help businesses to communicate with there customers at the most optimal time and medium where they’re likely to be reached.

We believe this level of advanced Omni channel communication insight is key to offering awesome customer experiences. Saino is the perfect partner to solve communication problems at scale for businesses so they can capture, manage and reach contacts at scale with extreme simplicity.

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